Come Alive

by Sylva

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Tony Dickinson: Bass, Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Upright Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Programming

Peter Lacis - Guitars

Travis Moberg - Lead Vocals


released October 5, 2018

Additional Musicians:

Donny Schreiber – Drums (8)
Kevin Lufkin – Keyboards (1-10)
Chuck Simpson – Vocals (3-5, 8)
Kristin Henry – Vocals (4)
Fabian Hernandez – Alto & Tenor Sax (5, 7)
Pete Lewis – Bari & Tenor Sax (5, 7)
Jon Gray – Trumpet (5, 7)

All artwork designed by Ian Douglas.

Upright bass, Acoustic guitar, Trumpets & Saxophones recorded at Chimaera Sound Studios

Fabian’s Saxes recorded at Red Sauna Studios

Vocals recorded at the Black Box, Zyzzyx House, Doc Skinni Studios & The Finbeard Family Estate

All other instruments recorded at The Black Box and Doc Skinni Studios


Special Thanks: Pat Lewis & Family, Lisle Moore, Brady Ellis, Andy Fox & The Sixty Minute Men, Kyle Bergen, Teresa Storch, Gary Lennox & The Doghouse Studios, Andreas Kotsamanidis, The Shizz, DoD & Remix Communities, The TSO family & all the fans, Barbara Segal, Connor Engstrom, Jeff & The Moberg Family, The Lacis Family, The Lufkin Family, The Schreiber Family, The Dickinson Family.


all rights reserved



Sylva Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Brix of Funk
[Verse I]
I feel it now, don’t you? The movement in my soul
I want it more and more, since every moments gone

Feeling like I’ve waited, way too long for this rhythm
Won’t you come and run with me, there’s so much I can show you

They don’t know – what you’ve done here
We’re traveling faster than I thought that we could ever go
They don’t know – what we’ve done here
Come on now don’t let me down

[Verse II]
And here it goes again, You’ve got that fire inside your eyes
Can’t let it go – Oh no; Since every moments gone



I feel it oh oh
Track Name: Devil Vibes
[Verse I]
I feel electric; Like I’m coming up you know what to do
And don’t forget this - You’re a criminal and I’m on to you

Oh do I feel it? I’m waiting for you too – you won’t regret it
I heard you said it; You better speak up here right now
And I’m crossing that line you drew – But I cannot help what I do

You make Me Shiver - It's your devil vibes
You make me want to move; I'm feeling so damn good
You’re leaving me wanting more
You make me shiver - so cold
This love is wearing me down, but you’re burning me up
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Verse II]
I’m feeling guilty, like I gotta lie – Listen to my words
So call me selfish; Here we are again – don’t waste my time



You got to walk my way, If you’re gonna make move
I’ll be standing next to you, but you gotta feel it too
You got to walk my way, If you’re gonna make me move
I want to feel it too; It’s the way you make me suffer

You make me shiver when I, I can’t consider when I
You’ve got me drawing that line, don’t know why But I
I want to get you alone, and get me out of this hole
Please tell me before I go


Track Name: Something We Found
[Verse I]
Here I am above the stars, but they don’t shine like the do from below
I look across horizons and it leaves me wanting more
Could it be that you, who gave me flight, took my hand and led me through every door
Were the one? It’s obvious, how did I never see?

Could it be that I’m a fool that’s so blind?
Never knew that it was you this whole time
Suddenly it hits and now I realize
paradise was something we found

[Verse II]
So I float into your space in between, all that’s left of our time
Patiently I’ve waited on the fringe of single lines
Could it be?
It’s so magnetic now, this gravity is sure to ignite
Give me the sun in your sky and make me believe


Could it be I’ve waited far too long, could it be I’ve waited?
Track Name: Come Alive
[Verse I]
Well I’ve been beat down and busted up; heart broken and played
But nothing keeps me from my feet, I’m dangerous in that way
‘Cause baby we’ve got the power, and I see it every day
So pick up all that sweet talking we best be on our way

I know you feel it
Not another moment left

I was meant to be it – Why don’t you see it?
So watch out when you’re ready, focus keep it steady now
You were meant to be it – why can’t you see it?
So watch out when you’re ready, don’t you get it now? I want you to come alive here

[Verse II]
This energy flows through my veins; you’ve to be the source
Don’t hesitate it’s killing me, when I’m begging you for more
I’m feeling like a hurricane, come with me and transform
This will never be the same, but you gotta close that door

I know you feel it
Not another moment left – alone
So come over and get me
Don’t say it’s over
No it ain’t over


I know what you’re thinking – you think you’ve caught me bleeding
But it’s different tongues that we are speaking and I’m done
Don’t you see now is it clear?
You were always so wrong

Track Name: The Game
[Verse I]
I'm going for the kill - I’ve got a reputation
Not gonna break it – not for you
I love this situation

Still I love the game; I think it’s getting strange
It’s never like this, I’m the one who plays
Caught in your rules, who’s winning?
I’m racing for the finish, and I can’t get out

[Verse IIa]
I never saw it – it was my limitation
You’ve got me turned around, and I’ve lost track
Don't want these complications
[Verse IIb]
A thousand miles won't change it all, but still I come back. I’m forward then subtract
Hang me by this string all until you set me free

Wait a minute here’s my moment to gain
Now you’ve put out your heart wide open, and mine you’ve won it all
I’ll let this play out – oh no

Track Name: Tell Me Your Secret
[Verse I]
It’s cold outside, so come with me tonight
I see you over there and you’re looking so alone
I’ll tell you my name; and take a step towards me
Give me your hand – we’ll take a ride

Here we are, we’ve found ourselves again
In our hidden place
I’ll give you everything, just tell me your secret

[Verse II]
It’s dark outside, I’ll bring you close tonight
Feel your skin on mine, and I can’t can’t walk away
Break my strength and will
We cannot hold still
Tried to cover up, and you’re leaving me exposed

Here we are
We’ve found ourselves again
In our hidden place
I’ll give you everything
Just tell me your secret
Tell me your secret
Track Name: Reach
[Verse I]
I’m weighed down – what are you waiting for?
Make no sound - Your heart reminds me that this world can move
But there’s no time; I’m getting it straight – I’m running past you and your safe place you’ve found
This was never what I dreamed of

Tell me you’re not afraid; I’m giving all I can – but I don’t understand
(Listen to me now)
Wake up; you’re giving in, but I don’t think you will – keep up you’re holding still
Reach for me now

[Verse II]
Get off your feet; It’s killing me watch you waste away
Don’t wait to look around; You’re stumbling now - don’t listen to a word they say
It’s not easy now – Show ‘em your heart and grow out the fire inside now before it’s too late
Take breath time to go they’ll remember your name


Track Name: Give Me Your Voice
[Verse I]
I know you hear me, because this is getting out of control
And I – I never quite liked it when I’m told
I’m losing sleep, can’t speak
My voice has left me breathing for words to say and ah – How did it ever get this way?

Now is the time for change
What if it all stayed the same?

So you, give me your voice because I can’t do this alone
Nobody’s ever told them now
This is your chance, the moment is now
This is your time shut out your fears now

[Verse II]
Now is the time, make my way – feet on the ground
Imagine, their faces, when we’re bringing the fight to their front door
My heart is screaming out loud for something more

This time, for me, I’ve stood still for way too long
Hear me breathing, because I’m alive
Give me something, this can’t be the only way

Give me your voice
I can’t do this alone
Track Name: I Wonder
[Verse Ia]
And I awaken and I open up my eyes, something seems so clear today
I look around and everything thing I’ve known has changed
I don’t know where to go from here

And Judging by the light on your face – I’m not alone

[Verse Ib]
Stop, let me catch my breath, don’t ever want to fall behind
I, don’t recognize this place. Can’t believe I’ve lost another day
Last I knew – sunny day in May, but darker days they bring gloom of June
I – I’m losing my way, but here I go I’ll take a look inside
Suddenly I’m taken by

Chorus 1
I wonder
Why It’s so strange to me

[Verse IIa]
And I awaken and I open up my eyes, something doesn’t seem right today
I look around it’s blurred, all I know is wrong
I don’t know where to go from here

[Verse IIb]
I start to run – get me back into familiar place
I can’t go fast enough – cannot stop from losing all my time
I start to wonder now – who was real and what was in my mind
It all starts making sense – But here I go I’ll take a look inside
Suddenly I’m taken by


I wonder
Is it wrong of me to go on my own?
Track Name: Awake
[Verse I]
Your finger tips on my skin, tears at me I’m caving in
Ever since the day it all changed, I just haven’t been quite the same
I think that someone taps at my door, Your ghost its haunting me ever more
Ever since I locked up inside
I break the key that stood in the light

Don’t you come too close you’ll see what I’ve become
What’s deep inside’s not for your eyes
I’ve lost my mind you’ll wait and find
This is my place while I’m awake

[Verse II]
Don’t remember at all, trust in this now ready to fall
Now I see that dark that’s inside, I’m waiting
Another moment standing to fight for mine

My skin it breaks on its own
My voice screams out in unknown
I suppose I don’t mind the chance at all
Before it seemed that I had no choice


[Verse I]

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